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Types of solar photovoltaic bracket components and their functions

Issuing time:2019-09-24 18:44



    System for supporting photovoltaic cell modules. It is composed of metal posts, supports, beams, shafts, guide rails, and accessories. It may also be equipped with transmission and control components in order to track the sun.

2.Fixed bracket

    Bracket with non-adjustable inclination and azimuth.

3.Single-axis tracking bracket

     A bracket that rotates around an axis to track the sun.

4.Dual-axis tracking bracket

     A bracket that rotates around two axes to track the sun.


    Connected to the foundation for supporting beams, shafts and guide rails.

6, support

    It is used to strengthen the stability of columns, beams and guide rails.


    A component used to support rails.


   A part that supports the rail and adjusts the angle of the rail (suitable for tracking brackets).

9, guide rail

   Components used to support photovoltaic power modules.

10, connecting rod

   Mechanical transmission parts between bracket and bracket and bracket and power system (suitable for tracking bracket).


   Refers to the components used for the connection between straight segments, between straight segments and bends to form a continuous support system necessary to fix or supplement straight segment and bend functions. Divided into: linear connection plate, hinge connection plate, turning connection plate, variable angle connection plate, next wall, pressure plate, fasteners.

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